Saturday, 26 July 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014: still red in week 30

 This week I can show three blocks.The first two are still warm from pressing;

Left: Big Dipper; Right: jewel box
the third I made last weekend.

I still have a few red sampler blocks to make, so maybe I'll get them done in July.

I'm linking to Soscrappy:


so head over there and see what else has been going on.

Happy sewing



  1. Oh what pretty red blocks! Pieced to perfection!

  2. I love that jewel box block. I am guessing that the blocks are 6.5" ones, so those pieces are Tiny!

  3. Be careful you don't cut yourself on those sharp points! Great blocks. I am becoming a big fan of the jewel box block.

  4. Very pretty sampler blocks. I haven't kept up with them at all. I wish I had time to make them.

  5. Love the big dipper and jewel box done up with the light rather than the black. They look so much brighter.

  6. THese are gorgeous xxx

  7. Very cute blocks, I like the shades of red you used.

  8. Cute blocks. I've still to make these.

  9. I'm really liking how graphic they look!

  10. Great red blocks. I really like the Jewel box block.

  11. I love the way you've worked with the patterned fabrics. I would have been tempted to use red and white but the lighter patterned fabric is stunning.


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